Autumn Adult Classes

There will be FOUR Adult Sunday School Class offerings for Autumn 2017 - they are as follows:

1. Love That Lasts (Mike and Alison Neigh)

You have the opportunity to have your marriage enriched, and to enrich others int heir marriages. Join Mike and Alison Neigh in enriching your marriage through biblical truth expressed in this well-written book, "Love That Lasts"

2. Spiritual Renewal (Jim Wever)

Neutrality is not an option where Spiritual Renewal is concerned. Join Jim Wever as he leads discussion on the ingredients for a healthy spiritual diet, and how you can embrace the challenge the Church faces in going against the flow of culture.

3. Parenting God's Way (Ben and Ali Christian, et al)

Regardless of where in the parenting process you are, join Ben and Ali, as well as other experienced parents, in learning what the Word of God says about parenting children.

4. James {living a life of genuine faith}

Women have no trouble loving God with their hearts. We are good at engaging our emotions in our pursuit of God. But the same God who commands us to love with all of our heart, soul, and strength, also commands us to love Him with all of our minds. When we become good students of God’s Word the natural outcome will be the renewing of our minds and the transforming of our hearts.

This study on the book of James will NOT cover a specific topic from all angles. It will NOT necessarily have poetry or stories that leave you laughing, crying or inspired. Nor will it focus on answering the question “What does the Bible say about me?”

What it will do is teach you an important passage of the Bible in a way that will stay with you for years to come. It will challenge you to move beyond loving God with just your heart to loving Him with your mind. It will focus on answering the question “What does the Bible say about God?”