Flawed Hero: Samson Sermon Series

Samson is the very definition of an anti-hero:

an-ti-her-ro {noun} a central character in a story who lacks conventional heroic attributes such as idealism, courage or morality; a flawed hero

When you think of Samson you may have some legitimate questions like:

How did Samson become someone important to the spiritual history of Israel?

What lessons can we learn from a character like him?

How did he, of all people, end up in the "Hall of Faith" listed in Hebrews 11?


These questions (and more) will be considered during the upcoming sermone series on the life of Samson beginning August 27 and continuiing through September 17. Here are the upcoming sermons in this series:

August 27 - Oppression, Barrenness and the Stirring of the Lord - Judges 13

September 3 - Confusion, Judgment and the Spirit of the Lord - Judges 14-15

September 10 - Pride, Defeat and the Strength of the Lord - Judges 16

September 17 - The End of the Story - Hebrews 11:32-40


Join us beginning on August 27 to probe into the life of the Bible's most prominent anti-hero - Samson