Flawed Heroes (Part 2): King David Sermon Series

David is one of the most heroic figures in all of the Bible. He is viewed as both a courageous warrior yet also a poet who wrote songs that we still sing today. But David is a complex hero because like all humans he had blind spots. Our point in this series will be to look at the lesser known areas where David failed to be a leader in his home and nation.

The connection to Matthew is straightforward: Jesus is the Son of David and sits on David's throne. But as we know, Jesus is the superior King who has no flaws. He was never misguided in His judgments, nor was He less than He should have been as a King over His people.

We rightly admire David, but our hope is in the King who is greater than David - Jesus, the Christ.

Here are the sermon titles for this series:

July 8 - The Eternal Promise - 2 Samuel 7:8-17

July 15 - Humble Beginnings - 1 Samuel 16:1-23

July 22 - A Kind and Generous King - 2 Samuel 9:1-13

July 29 - Failure of Moral Leadership - 2 Samuel 13:1-39

August 5 - Failure of Kingly Leadership - 2 Samuel 14:1-33

August 12 - Failure of a Just Response - 2 Samuel 19:1-43

August 19 - The King is Dead - LONG LIVE THE KING! - 1 Kings 2:1-10