God of Creation Women's Sunday School Class

Rhonda Prater will fascilitate - with Jen Wilkin teaching - GOD OF CREATION, A Study of Genesis 1-11. This study will take us on a journey from the beginning of all time answering questions such as:

~ Where did everything come from?

~ Why are we here?

~ Why is the world so broken?

~ How can that brokenness be made right?

This will be a DVD-taught format with a companion study book (available for $12.99 each) for at-home study (5 days of study per week) in preparation for the class. Each lesson will consist of Jen Wilkin's teaching - Jen is a wife, mother and advocate for women to love God with their minds through the faithful study of His Word. She is both passionate about the Word and an engaging speaker. We will learn how to:

~ Cultivate a worshipful understanding of our holy, Creator-God

~ Explore Genesis as the "seed plot of the Bible," the place the redemptive story begins

~ Walk verse by verse through Genesis 1-11, tracing the themes of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration

~ Practice a method that will help you read any portion of Scripture with greater confidence


Join Rhonda (and Jen) for the adult Women's class beginning September 16