Promise Fulfilled Sermon Series

The newest sermon series within the Big Picture of the Bible is Promise Fulfilled: Jesus Through and Through, beginning October 9 and continuing through November 6, finishing out our bird's-eye view of the Scriptures:

October 9 - Spirit (Who did Jesus Promise?) The work of the Spirit is to point us to Jesus and to give us understanding about who Jesus is. We need Spirit-given understanding to see Jesus for Who He is within the storyline of Scripture

October 16 - Word (Why Was it Given?) When we come to the Big Picture, we come to a uniquely different kind of story. Unlike most stories, this story carries an authoritative, life-changing message with it. The Word was given so that we may encounter God through Jesus, Who is the primary character of the story and so,as a result, we know who we are - our place within the story

October 23 - Church (Where is Jesus Found?) Jesus is to be found within His church which is His body. It is through the means of grace poured out in word and sacrament that we, by faith, interact with Jesus. It is a personal and community relationship. The church is not primarily organizational but participatory. It is a real life relationship with Jesus and with His people

October 30 - Salvation (What Did Jesus Win?) The Big Picture always points us toward ultimate victory. Jesus won salvation for His people and is preparing them for service to Him and toward others. Jesus is not a moral example to follow - He is a conquering Savior who delivers us from death and Hell. Our response is to be faithfully obedient to Him

November 6 - Witness (How Are We to Tell His Story?) Jesus has not left Himself without a witness. We, His church, are His witnesses. We tell the story of God, the revelation of Jesus, and the revelation of who we are in order to share the Good News of God's salvation with people in need. But our job doesn't end with witnessing to the lost -  we are also to witness to one another. The Big Picture Story is that we are in the story and we need to remind each other of God's love and care for us as His people

Join us for these special Sundays as we delve further into the Big Picture Story of the Word