Sound Booth Help Needed

Hey, all of you potential "sound guys and gals"! Durkeetown needs your help in a most practical way - sound techs are needed to work the sound booth on Sundays, in particular. Todd Andrews is a phenomenal asset in this ministry however, he CANNOT do it alone! 

That's where you come in - would you be willing to help out? You'll be trained on-the-job by Todd on the sound board, computer/power point (for song lyrics/announcements), uploading audio to the Durkeetown website, and lots of other interesting skills.

 This is one of those necessary areas of service that goes on EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY and yet no one seems to take notice. But, I wager we'd ALL notice if it was UNAVAILABLE on any given Sunday!

If you can push a button, slide a lever or flip a switch - if you prefer to be in the background quietly ministering - if you want to participate in the Body-Life of Durkeetown in a tangible way - THIS is the ministry for you!

Please, see Todd Andrews for more info about both the sound booth and an upcoming area seminar on working the Church Sound Booth in particular - Todd can point you in the right direction for attending this helpful and educational opportunity. Here's the link for information plus online registration:

Church Audio Seminar