Spring Adult Sunday School Electives 2017

Spring Sunday School is upon us and there are three options for Adult Class Electives this session:

1. Made for More (an invitation to live in God's image) - a Women's Study taught by Rhonda Prater

     ~ a real discussion of what a "woman's role" is or isn't in today's cultural setting by focusing on common               ground passages of Scripture and not just "pink passages" (those dealing only with women in the Bible)

     ~ a rich portrait of the "more" that God has for all of us as He conforms us to the Image of His Son

     ~ a study making Christlikeness the focus of our growth rather than "womanhood" recognizing that the                 most fundamental thing about each one of us is not our gender, race, family roles or even our sinfulness           but that we were made to reflect the glory and greatness of God

2. Discovering God's Way of Handling Money (Crown Financial Ministries) - an Adult Study taught by Todd Andrews

     ~ a Biblical approach to money management

3. Joy - a gift from God (studies in Ecclesiastes) - an Adult Study taught by Pastor Mike Neigh

     ~ we know we are to have joy (it is the Fruit of the Spirit, after all), but seldom do we remember that true joy         comes only as a gift from God - we can't be joyful in our own strength. So the writer of Ecclesiastes                   solves a great puzzle - the difference between the joy of the believer and the unbeliever.

     ~ "Everyone gets a can of cranberry sauce, only the believer gets a can opener." Learn what this phrase             means and why it's true.

     ~ While the Bible will be our primary textbook for this class, we'll also be referring to Joy at the End of the           Tether (Douglas Wilson) as a helpful commentary. You are encouraged to invest in this book and it can             be purchased directly from the publisher (cannonpress.com) or other online bookstores. (CBD, Amazon,           etc.)