Summer Mission Trips 2016

Will you pray for those participating in summer time missions opportunities? Here are the Durkeetowners going to other places to share the gospel message:

Chuck Dutcher (Quebec) - Chuck's trip to Quebec City is from July we through August 7, a total of 16 days. There are several organizers preparing for this outreach with gospel bands, theater groups, folk singers and dancers. Chuck will particularly be involved with an organization called "Gospel Trick Shot Ministries" and will be one of two of the trick shot pool players. Their goal is to share the gospel through their "playing" and to pass out 125,000 Gospels of John accompanied by their personal testimonies, of course.  

Emmie Neigh (Ireland) - Emmie has the exciting opportunity to go to the Republic of Ireland for 6 weeks this summer! She will be bringing the gospel to the children of Ireland with Child Evangelism Fellowship ministry. Her first week will be teacher training and orientation at the CEF Ireland headquarters and the following five weeks will be hands on sharing the gospel in camps and 5 Day Clubs, each week in a different community. Her final week will feature some time off to explore a bit before returning home on August 9. "I'm excited to be able to work with kids and share Christ with them!" says Emmie of her upcoming adventure. 

Let's support them both with our encouragement and prayers