Training Teachers for Transformation

Teaching the Bible to students from the youngest toddler to the oldest adult is a serious responsibility, but it is also an exciting opportunity to participate in the discipleship and growth of students in your care.


Training Teachers for Transformation will be offered during Durkeetown’s Sunday School Break for two separate (but linked) Saturday Sessions - January 27 & February 17 - concentrating on aiding both those currently involved in teaching and those who would like to receive training for possibly teaching in the future.


Pastor Mike Neigh (former CEF instructor/director, current Sunday School/Apprenticeship teacher and all-around great guy) will be instructing those who teach youths and adults - Rhonda Prater (teacher of Durkeetown women’s and children’s ministries over many years, HF Teaching Assistant and lover of laughter) will be focusing on those who teach children.


The following is a schedule of both combined and breakout sessions provided for your education and enjoyment. Our intention for each session is to begin at 9:00am and end at 12:30pm with one break and a lunch (which will be provided for you). Please register by using the contact information on the back of this brochure or by signing up at your Durkeetown or One Life by Sunday, January 21 so we can prepare accordingly.

Please see the brochure on the Plug-In table for more info about this exciting opportunity to grow in your teaching gifts.